on cloud nine

Y'all really blew me away last week! So many great photos...and thirty three link ups on a brand new blog hop? That, my friends, is remarkable. Treat yourself to some chocolate :)

Is there a photo that makes you happy? One that warms your heart or tells a funny story? One that puts you on cloud nine? Here's your chance to share it! 

Just put up a post on your blog containing one photo. You can add as much or as little text along with the photo as you would like. After writing your post, come back here to link up - you have until Thursday at 11:59pm CST to do so. Don't forget to link back to me, whether it be via the above button or a link. :) And remember to visit others' photos as well! 

Some of you also voted on the winner or no winner for On Cloud Nine...it was a very close tie, with no winner having twelve votes and winner having fourteen votes, but I think I'm going to choose having no winner for On Cloud Nine. I hope y'all aren't mad at me! But it was so close...I think it'll just be less work overall. Eek. Now I'm scared I'm going to get my house blown up or something. *hides under bed* ;)

Alright, enough chatter. Here's my photo for this week...

chocolate chips

I think it's pretty self explanatory, no? I've gone back and forth several times on this, but I think chocolate is God's gift to mankind. As if you haven't already, you know, heard that before. Several times. But hey, it's true! Or maybe, for those of you that don't care for chocolate, not. Oh well.

Your turn! I'm excited to see what amazing photos y'all will have to share this week. Have fun! :)