You probably think you know what I look like, from previous pictures of me.

I look like this, right?


It's true, I do look like that...sometimes.

Then there's the real me. The crazy, weird face making, can't stop laughing me. And here's the proof that this side really does exist.

you don't want to know2
you don't want to know
you don't want to know4
you don't want to know3


Are you sure you still want to read my blog after seeing how I actually am? ;) Please tell me I'm not alone...

I just realized something. I posted some rather...unflattering photos of me for the whole internet to see. What have I gotten myself into?! Oh gosh.

By the way, tomorrow is the last day to enter in my photo challenge -  if you haven't already entered, dig up your best colorful photos and play along! :)

Happy Saturday! What do you have planned? Do tell!