cutest in the world

crazy siblings...

"Are pumpkins made out of the same material as these?" (referring to plastic pumpkins)

Me: "How would you like it if I always sat in your chair?" MeMe: "Well, you are!" (MeMe liked sitting in my chair during meals, so I had to resort to sitting in her chair ;))

"I'm giving everyone name tags in case we forget each others' names."

"We saw a callapitter at the park!"

"I'm gonna finish watching the movie. You can just finish making dinner by yourself."

"Can I have some mild salsa in my hot chocolate?"

I asked MeMe to put on some weather appropriate clothes, as she was wearing shorts and a tshirt and was cold. Lilly responded, "When I get cold, I just go to Mama."

"I love you, Caladda [Carlotta]."

hello there, MeMe

I'm pretty sure they're the cutest kids in the world. Then again, I'm biased, as I'm their big sister. Oh well. I still think they're the cutest kids in the world.

Have your siblings/children said anything lately that made you crack up or your heart melt?


PS Two words. 500 followers. Just like I think I have the best siblings in the world, I'm pretty sure I have the best readers in the world. Group hug!

PPS For those of you who wondered how I make my blog header, head on over here. It's the same method, I just arrange my photos a little differently than when I wrote the tutorial.