a conclusion

Lately I've been filled with stress.

I've been stressing over the insane amount of homework I have.

I've been stressing over life.

I've been stressing over school.

And I've been stressing over blogging.

When I wrote my "Blogging isn't Everything" post, I said that I would try to step back a bit and not worry about my blog so much.
Yeah, so much for that. It worked for about a day. Before I knew it, I was back on the computer, reading blogs, writing posts, fiddling with my blog design. I was digging myself deeper in the hole called procrastination. Instead of doing the homework I was supposed to be doing, the pages after pages of piano music I was supposed to be practicing, I sat at my laptop, letting precious minutes tick by.

And then I read my sweet friend Hannah's post. Chills ran up and down my spine as I read word after beautifully written word. I agreed with everything she said; it made so much sense.

I'm so sick of posting things just for the sake of posting things. Sure, it's fun to go back and see that you've posted nearly everyday for over a year. But I'm tired of writing bad quality blog posts just so I have something to publish. And, though it's embarrassing and so selfish, I'm tired of not getting a ton of comments. Of seeing my visitor numbers sink. Of thinking I need to find something to write about or I'm going to lose readers.

But really? I can't blame y'all. If I were a reader of my blog instead of the author, I would be bored to tears with most of the things I see on here. There are so many posts that are just thrown together without much thought; they're just floating in cyberspace because I felt the need to have something out there everyday.

One of my very, very, very favorite blogs is Enjoying the Small Things, written by Kelle Hampton. Her amazing photography, her absolutely adorable girls, and her way with words never cease to inspire me. Every time she updates her blog, which is usually every two or three days, I immediately visit it the first chance I have and soak up the words and photos like they are essential to living. I never want the posts to end, and when they does, I walk away feeling inspired.

In my opinion, if you're still contemplating a post hours or even days after reading it, it's a sign of a good quality post. This is exactly what happens after I read Kelle's posts.
That got me thinking. I would much rather write (and read) good quality posts less frequently than low quality posts everyday. Writing blog posts is a bit like buying clothes. Would you rather have many clothes that are cheaply made or fewer clothes that are well made? I don't know about you, but I would choose the latter.

I had a long conversation about this with my mom and she agreed. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to feel like I need to post everyday anymore. It's so comforting to know that if I don't have anything to post, I simply won't post. I'm not going to try as hard as I can to come up with blog worthy material. Instead, I'll concentrate on putting together better quality posts.

Having said that, if I have something to blog about three, five, or even seven days in a row, I will. But if I don't? I'm not going to sweat it. After all, it is my blog. There's no one forcing me to post every single day of the week.

I hope y'all understand. You seriously don't know the huge weight that's been lifted off my shoulders, the stress that's left me. I feel free. Oh, so free.

the fall sun