every day is like a present

Alternately titled: I couldn't stay away from blogging.

Every day is like a present. Each morning when you wake up, instead of thinking how early it is and how much you'd rather stay in bed, jump up and embrace the new day. Regard it as a beautifully wrapped present, a surprise just waiting to be discovered.


Maybe you'll find beauty in the warm tones of pumpkins. (Linking up to I Heart Faces: Orange)

EDIT: I just realized something. In my haste to put up an orange photo, I forgot that there has to be a face in it. Oops. I feel so stupid. Soo...I'm going to "unenter" myself :) I'm entering the below photo instead...there's orange in the sign in the upper middle.


Maybe you'll find an opportunity to take a photo in an elevator mirror. ;)

sweet girl

Maybe you'll find joy in a sweet little girl's smile.


Maybe you'll find a heart shaped surprise nestled in the middle of a carnation.

chocolate chip cookies

Maybe you'll find bliss in each sweet, wonderful bite of a chocolate chip cookie or four.

(If you want it, you can find the recipe here)

Every day is like a present. You never know what you're going to find. Don't wait around - after all, time is fleeting. Every day that passes is a day you'll never get back. Cling to the moments that you have.

What presents are you going to unwrap today?


PS I deleted my stat counter quick link from my browser. I didn't delete my account, or the numbers that have accumulated, I just got rid of my easy access to it. And I haven't checked it once in over twenty four hours. It's the best feeling ever.