a list and photo challenge winner

1. Today I'm going to go all Pioneer Woman-esque.

2. That's just a different name for saying that I'm stealing Ree's post idea.

3. Don't tell anyone, but I'm writing this because I really don't have anything else to post about.

4. That's because my life is boring at the moment. School, homework, blogging, homework, school, blogging. Yep, that's my life right now.

5. Oh, how I miss Europe. My life was more exciting there.

6. I finally picked the winner of my photo challenge.

7. It was a really tough decision, which didn't surprise me...y'all are amazing photographers.

8. I'll start with announcing the finalists first. Because I like keeping people in suspense.

9. Speaking of suspense, I had the best Halloween on Sunday that I've had in a long time. Even though we don't celebrate Halloween. I walked around my neighborhood with a couple of my friends and tried to scare trick-or-treaters. Key word tried. Ha. It was still a blast. What did you do on the thirty first?

10. I'm digressing.

11. Where was I? Oh yes, the finalists. Ashley Jean, Janell, Violet Incredible, AJ, and Mikayla. If I thought choosing the finalists was hard, it was nearly impossible to pick a winner out of the finalists. I had enlist the aid of my mom. :)

12. And now for the winner...

13. ...Violet Incredible! Congratulations, Violet. I adored everything about your photo. The colors are so vibrant and fall-ish, the perspective adds so much interest, the depth of field is so should be very proud of your photography skills :) Great job!

14. It's November second. Dude, when did that happen?! 

15. Don't ask me why I just said "dude". I don't know either.

16. I helped Lilly with her worksheets for school yesterday. She turned to me and said, "Dude, I need some crayons, please." 


17. It made me think of this photo and I about died. 

18. She's going to be five in February. When did that happen?!

19. I've been craving baked macaroni and cheese and pizza lately. Yum. What's your favorite food?

20. I like sarcasm.

21. If you haven't already, you know, noticed.

22. I've been seeing all these beautiful fall photos taken in New England. It makes me want to go there. I've been on the east coast once or twice as a baby, but I don't remember anything.

23. If you live on the east coast, I envy you.

24. I'm rambling. Again.

25. Have a great day!

26. -carlotta

27. PS I'm going overboard with the numbering.

28. See?

29. Okay, I'm going to stop now.

30. Really.