miscellaneous ramblings

1. yes, this is the same blog :)

Don't worry - this is still pastor's girl's ponderings! I've done a bit of a makeover to my blog...I changed things a little more than I usually do. I got rid of the column on the left (something I've been wanting to do for a long time but haven't had the courage) in order to have a bigger posting space and bigger photos. I just have a sidebar on the right, and that's a little larger so everything isn't as cramped. And I added a new header. 
I love the simpler look - it's less cluttered and more streamlined, focusing more on the content of the posts. What do you think?

2. grey & pink.

My favorite color at the moment is grey. It's such a lovely, versatile color and isn't as harsh as black. It pairs so wonderfully with virtually every color (I'm especially loving it with pink - hence the colors of my blog, white, or yellow) and can range from girly to something more boyish.

3. we saw tangled.

Can I just say that it's the cutest movie - ever?! I loved it. And sure, it was sappy - it wouldn't be a Disney princess movie with out a bit of sappiness - but it wasn't so overly sweet that it made you roll your eyes. And the 3D part was the extra icing on the cake. :)
If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, I would definitely recommend it! It's a super adorable movie.

4. (more) etsy lovelies.

more etsy lovelies

Left to right, starting at top row:
1. shabby chic wedding ampersand cottage sign, wood (I know it's for a wedding, but I'd hang it in my room, painted in white)
2. piccola ninfea pouch in cream
3. japanese washi tape - all stripes horizontal lines (Yes, I have a little thing for japanese masking tape...)
4. open your heart necklace
5. I love you, polaroid
6. 42 antique style alphabet and number wooden rubber stamps set

5. i love my name.

When I was younger, I wanted to change my name to something more normal - Hannah, Julie, Emma, Isabella, the list never ended. But now? I adore my name. I wouldn't ever want to change it.
While my mom was watching an old movie a few months before I was born, one of the characters was named Carlotta. My mom liked it and so that's what she named me.
I love my middle name even more - Cisternas. My grandmother on my dad's side is Chilean and Cisternas is an old family name. My parents didn't want to the name to be lost, so they added that as my middle name.
I love how unique my name is. I think my parents did a good job ;)
What is the story behind your name?

6. photography tip of the day.

I'm going to start adding a photography tip in every miscellaneous ramblings post - that way it won't be so overwhelming :)
Today's tip? Don't use flash. I understand that you may need it every once in awhile, but in general it's best to leave it off. In the past year I've probably used my flash about five or so times. It's very rare that I ever turn on the flash setting. Flash creates red eyes, washes out colors, often creates glare, and doesn't beautify the photo overall.
Having said that, if you have a good off camera flash, it can produce beautiful shots, but I'm talking about the on camera flash.

7. what's wrong in this photograph?



Oh boy. Yes, I am a bit odd...why do you ask? ;) But in all seriousness, I'm holding up my brother's copy of The Encyclopedia of Immaturity up to my face. They have all sorts of rather interesting looking body parts you can hold up to your face, such as a very large ear and odd facial expressions. It's really rather amusing.

Have a wonderful Thursday!