my favorite photos of 2010

2010 favorite11

(may, at the river, taken with my point and shoot)

2010 favorite10


2010 favorite9

(july, a misty morning taken while driving back from houston)


(august, a local museum)

2010 favorite8


2010 favorite6

(september, germany)

2010 favorite5

(september, my aunt's ranch in germany)

2010 favorite4

(september, germany)

2010 favorite2

(october, paris)

2010 favorite3

(october, view from our hotel room in paris)

2010 favorite

(october, the eiffel tower, paris)



my mom and dad


chocolate ice cream in a cone





(december, christmas eve)

Man, picking just eighteen photos from the whole year was challenging, but I'm glad I have a collection of my very favorites now. I've grown so much in my photography this past year. A year ago, I knew I was interesting in taking pictures, but I just had a point and shoot and barely knew anything. Now, a year later, I have a DSLR and have learned so, so much more. 

My photography goals for this year are:

-get another lens (preferably a 35mm)
-start selling my photos
-do some more portrait sessions
-assist a professional photographer during a shoot or two
-learn more about editing
-learn more about posing
-finally get a camera bag

I realize some of these are pretty tall orders, but I'm going to see what I can do this year :)

What are some of your goals for 2011?

Happy New Year!