miscellaneous ramblings

1. 666.
I logged onto Blogger on Wednesday afternoon, and what did I see?

At that moment, I suppose my blog was officially evil. I wouldn't be lying if I said I was glad when I got another follower thirty minutes later ;)

2. etsy love.

(left to right, starting at top left)
5. handsome buck cross stitch pattern (I'm kind of falling in love with cross stitched art...)

3. speaking of etsy...
Do you remember when I hinted at a surprise of sorts awhile ago? Well, here's your answer.

I'm proud to announce the opening of my Etsy shop! This is something I've had in the works for a long time...I've known that I would open a shop since early fall. To say I'm excited about this would be an understatement. I'm thrilled to be starting the first leg of my photography selling journey.
Currently there are only a few photos listed (all of which have been on my blog before ;)), but I'll add more soon.
For all of you that have shops: any tips?

4. longing for spring.
Spring is by far my favorite season. And lately I've been longing for it. The delicate pastel colors of new life, the gentle breezes, the same temperature both outside and inside. Having picnics in the deliciously soft green grass, raising the windows wide open, watching the earth blossom after its winter rest. Right now in the middle of winter? It sounds like heaven.

5. i love books.
There's nothing quite like the feeling of cracking open a new book that you know is going to be good and breathing in that papery scent. Or curling up in a nook on a cold day with a cup of tea, a blanket, and a book that makes you feel like you're part of the story. The last book I read went straight to my favorites list - it's called Head in the Clouds. I couldn't stop reading it...I stayed up until one or one thirty in the morning, which is when I finished the book. I definitely recommend it!

chocolate ice cream with frozen raspberries and brownie bits

7. chocolate ice cream with frozen raspberries and brownie bits.
All I can say is yum. I've posted about chocolate ice cream with frozen raspberries before, but I added pieces of brownie along with it this time. The brownies were still good but they had lost their moisture. Adding bits to the ice cream with the raspberries was amazing. Try it sometime! 

8. photography tip of the day.
Don't be afraid to take twenty shots of the same thing. My memory card can hold about 1,200 photos (I recommend getting a memory card with a fairly high capacity!), so I can snap away without worry about memory space. I take at least ten photographs of any given subject, which increases the chance of getting shot that turned out. There's always a delete button for the ones that didn't turn out!

Have a lovely day, friends!


PS Giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow!