outfit: shades of grey

(alternatively titled - outfit: the target edition)

(alternatively titled - in which i am extremely materialistic)

I'm a self proclaimed Target junky. It's getting bad, y'all. If I don't go more than two weeks without visiting it, I start begging my poor mother to take me. And I can never leave the building without toting something new.
My weakness is their clothes. Where else can you find super adorable pieces of clothing for relatively little?
I confess that at least half of my wardrobe is from Target. From hats to sweaters to shoes, the majority of my things I've purchased there. While I realize the quality might not be the best, I'm still growing, so buying more expensive things isn't really worth it as I probably wouldn't fit into them a year from now. But when I'm finished growing? I'm all for quality over quantity.

I digress.

Photo credits go to my brother, Jeremiah.

outfit: shades of grey2
outfit: shades of grey5

(This shot, as well as the one below, were directed by my brother. He told me to "look far off into the distance and not at the camera because that's what you see a lot in fashion magazines". He's right though - I didn't know he payed attention to fashion photographs! ;))

outfit: shades of grey4
outfit: shades of grey
outfit: shades of grey3

Hat: Target
Scarf: Target
Sweater: Target
Belt: thrifted
Jeans: Can you guess? ...yep, Target.
Moccasins: gift

And this is why I've given this post the alternative title of "the target edition". I don't think I've worn so many pieces of clothing from the same store...ever. I think I might need a support group. Target-aholics Anonymous, anyone?