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I need to make an apology...I wrote this post on Saturday night, and when I was scheduling it, I accidentally published it instead. So I deleted it, which caused a flood of emails from y'all wondering where it went. I apologize for the confusion!

I can't tell you how many emails I get from people asking me how to grow their blog, how to get more readers. I thought I'd compile a post with a few tips. Before I start, though, let me preface this by saying these are all my opinions and this is what worked for me - you may have totally different thoughts.

don't sweat the little things
Really, this might be my greatest piece of advice. Don't worry about the little things. Sure, you're bound to lose a follower or two, you're going to get a mean comment, but don't let that stop or discourage you. Perseverance is key when it comes to blogging.

a good design
Having a good, aesthetically pleasing blog design is also important. I prefer simple designs, i.e., all white background, simple, easy to read fonts - but having said that, a tastefully done blog background on the simpler side can look great too. Don't be afraid to experiment with your blog look! However, I would recommend staying away from busy backgrounds, hard to read fonts, and colored posting sections.

no automatically playing music
I love music. I honestly don't know how I could live without it. But, I can't tell you how many times I arrived on someone's blog only have my ear drums blown out by music. I think having a playlist is fine as long as readers can turn it on themselves instead of it automatically turning on.

include photographs
Who doesn't like reading posts filled with beautiful photographs? Spice up a post that might be boring otherwise with some images - but if you use a photo that's not yours in a post, make sure to give credit for it. And yes, that includes Google Images!

other thoughts regarding posting
Obviously, the content on your blog is what makes or breaks it. I encourage you to put some thought in your posts - try not to just churn something out for the sake of posting, a fact I've been guilty of at times. If you put some effort into it, it'll make your blog more enjoyable and you'll feel better about it, I promise you. The posts that I've worked the hardest on are, as can be expected, my favorites.
When it comes to how often you post, that's up to you. I blogged every day for about a year, but it started getting too stressful and I cut back my blogging to three to four times a week. However, don't have a set schedule for when I post. I blog when I have ideas for a post. If I don't, then I just don't blog instead of forcing out something that's mediocre.

comment often
I'm being a completely hypocritical with this one. I really could do better when it comes to commenting (though know that if I follow your blog, I read every single post but I don't always comment.). When I was in the one hundred to two hundred follower range, I commented on at least ten blogs that I didn't follow a day to get the word out about my blog. But please, please, please don't write, "Hi, nice post. Please follow me at _____.", which is basically spam. If you want to comment on other people's blogs, it's a good idea to write something pertaining to the post. Chances are, the author or even a reader or two of the blog will check out yours.

Do you have any blogging tips? Do tell!

Also, the winner of the giveaway is number eighteen, Sara! Congratulations! Shoot me an email and we'll get your Barberry and Lace item to you as soon as possible :)

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