Words are a curious thing. In a combination of a few simple letters, so many things can be conveyed. Words can crush people's feelings, they can make the day of others. With a mere two words – "I do" – they can solidify a bond between two people. Words have a heavy burden to carry; so much rests on them.

Sometimes, words can be a bother – perhaps when there is a writing assignment that needs to be completed and words refuse to form. Other times, the words can tumble off a page into your mind, forever etching a poignant image in your memory.

It's funny how the choice of words and how they are placed can alter how someone views you. Words define us. We are even known by words – our names. Via a blank sheet of crisp white paper and a pen, there is no end to the stories that could be told, the things that could be said. By the means of words, we communicate, we express ourselves. Without words, we would be lost.


words {52/365}