i love snow days.

snow dusted wood pile.

Snow days are the best. Sleeping in then lounging around in pajamas until you finally convince yourself to get dressed to go outside in the snow...with your camera in tow, of course.

beautiful blue skies.
my boots.

Although, if you go outside with the intention of getting some photographs, I recommend not hopping over a chain link fence. Because then your snow pants and boots might get caught which means landing face first in the snow, one leg still on top of the fence, with your camera buried under you.

our street buried in snow.
ice encrusted rose bush.

Frantic with worry about your camera, you'll probably focus on that and not the leg that's still on the fence, which will result in a pulled muscle. It will also result in torn snow pants and a wet camera (both of which will be fortunately salvageable). Yep, I don't recommend it at all. Not that I would know anything about any of this. Ahem.

lilly in the snow.

But seeing this sweet little girl bundled up so tightly she could hardly walk made me forget about a certain sore leg.

I digress.

snow (after being played in).

Of course, no snow day is complete without a romp in the fluffy white substance. From screeches of laughter to cold snow making its way into coats and slithering down backs to building forts, there's no shortage of entertainment.

reflection in the window.

After hands become numb and cheeks turn rosy red from the cold, stumbling into the house - and creating a wet mess from all the snow still clinging to coats - for hot chocolate by the fire is always welcome.

our backyard.
pretty patterns made by the wind.

Even though we're snowed in, if every day is like this, I wouldn't mind being stuck forever.

Well, maybe not forever. But I'm definitely fine with the few days we'll still have at home.

homemade cinnamon rolls.

And any day that includes homemade cinnamon rolls plus snow is a good day.

If you received snow, what did you do on your snow day?