Today, it was Friday, my favorite day of the week (What's your favorite day?).

ready for tea? {35/365}

Today, I took pictures of a vintage floral tea cup - I rather like how this one turned out.

self portrait of the day.

Today, I wore a pretty hair clip kindly sent to me by this shop.

cinnamon coffee cake.

Today, I ate cinnamon coffee cake for lunch. Oh yes I did.

my desk: before and after.

Today, I cleaned off my desk. It was way overdue ;)


Today, I turned this pile of hearts cut out of newspaper into...

heart garlands


my sandwich.

Today, I had a sandwich filled with butter, salami, cheese, and lettuce for a snack. I know, coffee cake for lunch and a sandwich for a snack...I'm a little mixed up ;)

a little geometry.
Today, I did geometry homework. I could have lived without it.

gentle snowfall.

Today, I watched it snow. And snow. And snow. Like we really needed more. ;)

pretty in pink (and grey).

pretty in pink (and grey). by carlottacisternas

Today, I created outfits on Polyvore.

Today, it was a good day.

What did you do today?