I told myself I wouldn't write a blog post on Valentine's Day. I told myself that it was another sappy Hallmark holiday to get people to spend more money. Heck, when I woke up this morning I didn't even wear anything pink, red, or any type of frippery.

vintage love.

a new dress {43/365}

Then I saw the myriads of love filled posts and a little seed of warmth was planted in my heart. That sounds totally cliche, doesn't it? It's true, though. As I was reading these posts (favorites here, here), I soon felt a certain fuzziness in the depths of my body.

book love.

So here I am. Writing on Valentine's, against my previous wishes, even if only as an excuse to share my girly, heart themed photographs. To tell you the truth, I would be lying if I said I hated February fourteenth. A day that's totally dedicated to love is something my heart adores even though my brain says otherwise.

ruby red carnation

lacy curtains {39/365}

And I also realized that Valentine's Day doesn't necessarily have to be focused around a significant other. That love could come from a little sister giving you a sweet kiss on the cheek. Or maybe from some songs that you heard (My current favorites: Poison & Wine and Bitter Heart; loving the soft, decisively non-mainstream sounds). Perhaps it comes from a note from a friend that made your day.


My day was a combination of all of the above. All afternoon I've been in a wonderful I-love-the-world-and-everyone-in-it mood. Maybe I had too much sugar, read too many romantic posts, or listened to too much soft, sweet music all day, but my opinion on the fourteen of February has changed for the better.

How was your Valentine's Day? Anything in particular you're loving right now? Do tell :)

xoxo {45/365}

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all.


(Psst...tomorrow's the last day to enter in the giveaway! Don't forget! :) Oh, and thank you so, so much for your super sweet comments on Lilly's birthday post. I read to her and she couldn't stop smiling.)