and now she's five.

I remember the day she was born so clearly. I remember the muffled sounds at five am of my mom walking around the apartment we were living in at the time and my dad on the phone.


I remember waking up MeMe and Jeremiah, hurriedly getting them dressed and feeding them a little bit of breakfast before I took them to our neighbor's. I remember peeking out of my room as the doctor arrived (Lilly was born at home).


I remember eating very little of a toasted bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam, my loss of appetite due to excitement. I remember going back to my parent's bedroom every few minutes to see if the baby had been born yet. I remember hearing an infant's cries after what seemed like forever but was in reality only half an hour.


I remember rushing into the room to see if it was a boy or girl, as my parents had chosen not to find out. I remember glancing at the clock, then running to the office to write on a Post-it note "Baby born! 7:10am, seven pounds eight ounces.". I remember the magical moment, the rush of love I felt while holding Lillian Esther, my new little sister, for the first time.


And now she's five.

Happy birthday, Lilly! I love you so much.

Would y'all mind leaving a little note for Lilly in the comments? I'd like to read them to her at the end of the day...I think she'll love it :) Thank you!


(comment moderation will be turned off for the day...I want to enjoy Lilly's special day :))