awkward and awesome thursday.

Tripping up the stairs. While people are watching you. Thank goodness for handrails.

 Looking at food blogs while ravenous. Pure torture.

Finding the perfect pair of oxford pumps, the ones I've been searching for months, only to discover the sizes left were an eight and a half and a seven and a half. I wear a size eight. Why must I have the most common shoe size in the country? 


Being an inch apart at eye level with a rattlesnake at the zoo, watching it in terrified awe (let's just say that I'm not exactly a snake lover). And then, two seconds after moving to another animal, hearing it strike your brother. Of course it was behind glass, but still...shudder.

– Rude anonymous commenters. Why do those people feel to need to put others down like that? It makes me so sad.

Missing your mouth while eating, the food instead falling into your lap. Awkward.

Dark chocolate. The darker, the better.

– Cookies that turn out perfectly. There's nothing more aggravating than a failed batch.

 These knitted monsters. I die. And I now know what my next knitting project will be.

Laying in bed, looking around at my bedroom, bathed in soft grey early morning light, thinking and praying.

Finally getting around to redoing a wall of art in my room. 
left: before, right: after
center: my great grandmother with frank sinatra (she was a reporter in hollywood), top and bottom: prints by me.
Watching Food Revolution. It's absolutely fantastic. Food is something that I've been paying a lot of attention to  where things like fruits, vegetables, and meat come from to if/how the food is processed to unhealthy additives that may be in it. I most definitely recommend watching the show on Hulu!

This quote: "Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow." Imogen Cunningham. Love.

strawberries in our garden
sage blossoms {117/365}

The strawberries and sage growing in our garden.  For the past month or so, all our salads have lettuce from the garden Homegrown food = delicious.

Any awkward or awesome moments for you this week? Do tell!