scenes from easter.

easter eggs {114/365}
MeMe's first communion {113/365}
unfocused {115/365}

necklace: gift // dress: target // belt: thrifted // shoes: thrifted (keds)

Easter was a rather quiet, cozy affair this year.

Amid the crash of thunder and pitter-patter of rain on the church roof, we celebrated the resurrection of Christ with joyous acclamations and festive hymns of praise. MeMe, along with five others, proudly received her first communion and new frocks were put on for the occasion. Mirthful shrieks filled the air during the Easter egg hunt and the brightly colored plastic shells where quickly discarded in favor of the candy that laid within.
We curled up for naps in the afternoon, lulled by the grey skies still gushing water. Then? The perfect day was ended by friends over for dinner.

And now it's Monday, and it's back to real life. The ethereal week has come to a bittersweet close, leaving me only to reminisce.

Yes, Easter and the spring break that came along with it was beautiful. 

How was your Easter?