black and white.

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Black and white photographs arouse emotions like no other. When I peer at old images, looking into intimate details of past life, I feel such a strong bond to the subjects staring back at the camera. Everything seems so clear. There are no shades of color to decipher, only raw emotion and special moments captured.

making noodles {105/365}

Today was black and white. There were no mixed feelings, just plain happiness. And relief. I had a piano competition this morning. We were running late that morning (or rather, I forgot exactly what time I was supposed to play, ahem) and my nervous, panicked emotions went into overdrive. Upon entering the room to play my first song, my heart was pounding at an alarming rate and my legs were shaking so badly I could hardly control the pedal. After finally making it through the piece, I walked out on shaky legs. My second song was a bit stronger, but in the end, I was just elated I'd completed all that needed to be completed.


For the better part of the afternoon, I laid out on a blanket in the lush grass, engrossed in a book. A few hours later, my piano teacher called. She informed me that I was the overall winner for both of my divisions on the competition. "No way," I told her on the phone. Me? An overall winner? For both pieces? It seemed almost too good too be true. But it was. Oh, it was.


The rest of the day was spent in a blissful black and white euphoria. My room (which was recently featured on PBteen...hello, amazing!) received a freshing up, my nose was again burrowed into my book, I admired happy coral colored toes, I was judge for my sibling's disagreements in their game of "town" and I was elated.


Today was a good, very good day.

How was yours?