the lake.

Note: Somehow this got accidentally published last night before it was finished...sorry about that! This is the (new and improved) correct version.

The dreaded daily routine: begrudgingly getting out of bed. Eat a little breakfast. Classes. Homework. Lunch. More classes, and consequently, more homework. Taking a few photographs. Dinner. Squeeze a little blogging and email-answering in. Finishing up a few odds and ends. Bed. Repeat.


Routines easily become monotonous. No matter what tasks you have, it's almost inevitable to be bored with them after awhile. After months of completing the same things, day in and day out, it's only natural to want a break. By the time spring break rolled around this week, I was eager for a reprieve, a break from the daily routine.


So what did we do? We went of a day trip, of course. While folding, packing, and stuffing the car with things that are essential to a day away, everyone was anticipating the mini vacation. After a slightly rock start (let's just say that not eating enough breakfast + uncooperative hair + not being able to find the shirt = a rather cross me), we were off to the lake.


Following some frolicking on the beach, we found a picnic table that was deemed perfect by MeMe and Lilly. We admired the birds while eating, relishing that special taste of the food that can only be achieved by eating outdoors.


We explored, laughed, hiked (and I chastised myself over my poor shoe choice), and splashed. While the others were occupied at the playground, I slipped away to investigate the marina. We breathed in the fresh, wind-whipped air and marveled the beauty surrounding us. Discovering the perfect beach, rock skipping contests were held and I meandered through the cool water. Walking around the lake, we listened to the gentle lapping onto the shore and gazed at the rippling body of water dancing and glistening in the sunlight. 


After getting everything repacked and resituated in the car, we drove home complacently, our hearts full. Over dinner, MeMe, Lilly, and Jeremiah excitedly reiterated our adventures to my father and clamors of "I can't wait to go back" punctuated their detailed descriptions.


Yes, a break from routine is good. So quickly can we fall into our little worlds that we forget that there exists a life outside of our planners. There's spontaneity. Adventure. Freedom. And coming back refreshed and rejuvenated? Oh yes, that's good too.

Where is your favorite place to go when you need some time away?