my day.

"Dear Monday,
Thanks for having the word 'mon' in you. That's French for 'mine', in case you weren't aware, Monday, but it makes me think of you more as 'my day', and frankly, that sounds like a much more promising start to the week."

Thanks to the above quote, I've begun thinking of Mondays as "my day" instead of dwelling on all the unpleasant  tasks the day could contain. Because right now, sprawled on my cowhide rug, listening to the crash of thunder and pitter-patter of rain on the windows, "my day" is the perfect description. 

In addition to thinking of it as my day, most of my Mondays are spent reveling in the afterglow of the weekend.


We went to a May fest downtown, full of art, delicious treats, and people. While gazing up at old skyscrapers, I got a bit nostalgic, wishing for an era I've never known to return. Instead of offices, this part of town must have been copious with people, strolling from shop to shop.


MeMe, along with her ballet class, danced at the festival, the blanket of clouds parting to let the sun stream in as they twirled and leaped. 


Seeing MeMe with her friends, so happy to be dancing together, was heart warming. 

my dresser

The top of my dresser got a bit of a mini-makeover. Rearranging and cleansing is so good for my soul. It's amazing what something like sweeping the floor and getting rid of unnecessary clutter can do.

crazy girl
storm clouds

The weather was dramatic, heaps of clouds piling on top of each other to form mountain-like shapes. And this weather also caused the devastation in Joplin, Missouri. To think that so many lives were lost in such a short amount of time, the utter chaos and destruction that occurred. I'm praying for everyone involved...I can't even fathom what those dear, sweet people must be going through.

My day indeed. I rather like Mondays now.

How was your day?