thoughts of summer.

The windows are wide open, warm rays of sunshine spilling into magical pools on the floor, and a soft breeze gently ruffles the row of colorful scarves hanging neatly on their hooks. Pink Martini's soft croons fill the room, setting a perfectly relaxed tone.

Me? I'm basking in the glow that is the beginning of summer vacation. Having barely, just barely, survived finals and all the work that comes with them, the reward of three entire months of no school seems almost too good to be true, evidenced clearly here:

(such a lovely still, no? sigh.)

My outfit for today was inspired by summer. Stripes are a must, as are aviator sunglasses.

sunglasses: target / tshirt: old navy / belt: thrifted / jeggings: american eagle / oxfords: target
It's still sinking in, the knowledge that break really is here. Last night, as I frantically studied, if you'd told me it's possible to die of stress, I would have wholeheartedly believed you. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed the sky. Layers of magenta, periwinkle, and slate grey swirled together in the clouds to form a breathtaking sight. It was honestly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.


Standing outside, the wind lifted the hair off my neck. Goosebumps ran up and down my body, not just from the cool temperature. The only thing I thought was, "Our God is so amazing." And it's times like those, when it's just me and creation that I feel closest to the Lord.

Maybe it's because the heavy fog of school has been lifted, but lately everything has been so gloriously beautiful. 


Peeking around the corner to find Lilly in fits of laughter over MeMe's story in their fairy-net-cloaked reading nook made my heart swell. The bond these two have with each other is something so special. I know, once they're grown up, both of them will fondly recall these times.

blowing bubbles
blowing bubbles 2

And little girls blowing bubbles make me smile so hard my cheeks hurt. There's nothing cuter.

Summer break has arrived. The days are long and sweet, filled with memories that will last forever. I think I'll go (literally) jump for joy.

Has summer come for you yet?

Happy Thursday!