the weekend.

Every weekend is made sweeter by the fact we're drawing closer and closer to summer. The temperature warm, the nights deliciously cool, shedding layers of clothing in favor of a simple tank top and shorts.

the lake
the lake2

According to a multitude of studies, time doesn't seem to go by as quickly when days are full. This weekend was no exception.

Itching for some time away, we went on a family Boy Scout campout with Jeremiah's troop. From the bugle announcing meals, lights out, and serving as alarm clock in the morning to food cooked by the boys to fishing at the lake, it was perfect.


The water in a nearby lagoon of sorts was as smooth and still as a mirror, reflecting the green leaves and strong, tenacious trees.
In the morning, following the bugle call, Jeremiah and I took a walk.

early morning

Dawn pinked the horizon as I gathered wildflowers along the way and marveled at creation. I'm admittedly not a particularly nature loving person โ€“ I'd prefer my comfortable bed and a proper bathroom, thank you โ€“ but those precious early morning hours, picking flowers and silently watching animals, were enough to make me want to move out into the country.


Never mind the fact that my feet were only covered with strappy sandals while hiking in the woods by myself, where I discovered the water moccasin slithering over a tree root two feet from me and then slipping in the water, leaving me frozen to the spot, eyes fixated on the water. (Run on sentence much?) Clearly I'm very learned when it comes to attire in the outdoors. Ahem.

water moccasin
Hey there, thanks for scaring me half to death. Shudder.
Sunday was Mother's Day. It was filled with lots...


...and lots...


...of strawberries from our garden,

cinnamon roll

cinnamon rolls for breakfast,


a trip to the river,

(beginning of) my summer bracelets

and the start to my summer bracelet collection.  I'm so thankful for everything my beautiful mother does โ€“ without her our family would be totally lost. She does so many things that we just take for granted. I love you, Mom.

It was a good weekend. And camping? I think I'll try it again soon.

How about you? Are you more of a outdoors-y person or more of a city girl, like me?