and so i write.

listening to: viva la vida by coldplay.

I type, then erase. Type some more and erase some more. Words can't seem to form properly   it's a jerky, stop-and-go pattern and, consequently, a frustrating process.

But then, as if a faucet were turned on, I begin writing furiously, letters flowing like water from my fingers. The frustrating stop-and-go is laid to rest, creativity taking its place.

And so I write.

sprinkler rainbow

When the temperature becomes sweltering, the swimsuits get put on, the hose is connected to a sprinkler underneath the trampoline, and the jumping begins. Up and down, out of breath from fits of laughter, silly dances, and sprayed faces.

It's the epitome of summer and the epitome of fun.


I've been attempting to be more creative in my outfits, but when it's ninety degrees outside layering and adding scarves is not exactly an option. So I turned to other accessories, like long dangly necklaces and headbands. It's amazing what something so seemingly little can do for an outfit. Statement pieces are my go to for sprucing up a simple tshirt and shorts combination.

headband: h&m / necklace: germany / shirt: target / shorts: target / shoes (not shown): academy
Change is good. A little thing like switching up artwork in your room or a break from routine can have such a big impact. Hence, my new blog design. Thoughts? I'm loving the blend of warm browns and creamy white, the more subtle, natural tones.


There's a small guest room off our garage, formerly the servant's quarters (oh how I love living in an old house). It's a place that I overlook, never pay much attention to. However, I happened to enter it a few days ago. I parted the curtains, threw open the windows, let the sunlight stream in and fell in love. Full of original fixtures, including a cast iron bathtub from 1934, it's the perfect place for some time away, for a change of scene. I have a feeling this guest room and I will be spending a lot of time together in the future.


I love her. That is all.

But I've been talking so much about my life and my thoughts – I'd love to hear more about yours instead. What has been going on in your life?