why do i blog?

In the midst of editing photographs and putting together posts, it's a question I often ask myself.

What is it about stringing words together with images like colorful beads on a ribbon that appeals to me so? Why do I think about it so often? Why do I blog?

When I clicked "create a blog" so long ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, no idea how great an impact blogging would have on my life. As I pondered myriad possibilities that could fit the question of why I blog, it was not easy to narrow it down to one specific thing. After many months sorting and organizing everything in my mind, I sat straight up when I realized what the answer was.

sage blossoms

I blog because I am an artist. Not necessarily a paint splattered, beret wearing, brush wielding artist, but an artist whose canvas is a blank screen, whose brushes are keystrokes, and whose palette of paint is instead letters and a camera. As an artist, I blog to share my paintings made of text and photographs, expressing my creative side.

I confess there I times when I question myself, times when I wonder what the heck I'm doing in this world called blogging. There are times when I want to just walk away and quit. There are times when I feel insecure about my work, thinking it's not good enough.

But there are times when I'm so content to be blogging, so happy to do what I do. Despite the insecurities I have, the good always weighs out the bad. Every time I hit "publish post", I know that this is what I ultimately love doing, that being a blogger is the perfect fit for me.

And then there is the blogging community. It contains people like no other, people that I wouldn't have met otherwise.

This is why I blog.

kiwi {134/365}

Why do you blog, friend?