miscellaneous ramblings.

 blogger is frustrating.

(ignore my creepy faces, please ;))
(and I'm pulling out my hair in the middle and right photos. but you can't really see my hand. heh.)
This was me much of yesterday. I was so frustrated at Blogger, y'all. Deleted posts and comments, uninstalling my new blog design, and leaving me unable to access anything. We need tshirts that say "I survived the Blogger crash of May 2011!" on them. Ahem.

peacock feather earrings

But new peacock feather earrings can remedy such frustrations. Me = a happy girl.

ruche lookbook love.

{ruche lookbook: burlington}
Have you seen Ruche's new lookbook yet? I'm dying of prettiness overload. Some more favorites from the collection: Charlotte, Elloree, Greenville, and Monetta. Swoon.

vintage bottles are my favorite.


I found this bottle a few days ago in our house and snatched it up immediately to add to my collection. I don't know what it is about old bottles, but they leave me in dreams of elegance and the whiff of perfume from long ago. Sometimes I wish I could go back to times gone by, even if just for a moment. Looking at old photographs, peering into everyday life from long ago, it's another thing I've added to the list of what I love about photography.

chocolate ice cream + cookie chunks + strawberries = delicious.

ice cream

My favorite way to use up cookies that have dried up is to chop them up and sprinkle over ice cream. Add some strawberries from from our garden and you have yourself the perfect dessert.

some honesty.
Sometimes, I just need to be honest, especially when it comes to blogging. I can't tell you how many emails and comments I've gotten asking how to build a following or a few wistful lines stating they wish they had more readers. But y'all, numbers aren't everything. Don't get discouraged because you may not have as many readers as you'd like. Don't think, "If only I had as big of a following as she had, everything would be so easy." because it's not true. Just blog because you love it and readers will come. 

oklahoma weather.


It's interesting, that's for sure. Since we're located in the very center of the US, we get everyone else's "leftovers" with the wind. I'm talking seventy five degrees one day and a foot and a half of snow the next. Yes. I'm not complaining though  it's so beautiful.

Happy Saturday!