the girl from dis fromage

hi 'yall. let me start off by saying that i am totally stoked to be part of guest posting for the lovely carlotta. she has inspired me so much with blogging. her talent for choosing just the right words, her kind and helpful personality, and let's not forget her epic photography skills. i love visiting her blog, the simplicity of it all justs draws me in. and the wonder she finds in the little things of everyday life is just fantastic.


oh. guessing it would be nice to know who's blogging today, right? here in the blog world, they call me "m". i'm just another person who somehow fell in love with photography. its freeing, an escape from the day. there's nothing i enjoy more than having my camera in hand. so i started a blog to share my photos with the world. dis fromage means "say cheese". every photographer knows this famous saying, although i rarely use it. somehow my subjects find their smiles...

1-10-11 025
4-7-11 104

if you were to ask me my favorite thing to capture, i couldn't give an answer. every single thing i view through my camera lens is unique and beautiful in its own way. there is always something to capture. always something to discover. seeing the world through the lens - being able to take a part of it for yourself - never gets old.


okay. so i have to ask, who's enjoying their summer so far? the days are hotter and longer. the garden hose has suddenly become my best friend. and i'm constantly tempted to run across to the neighbor's pool and jump right in. for me, summer is a time to let go. relax. enjoy life.

2-14-11 001

i attended a graduation ceremony for some of my friends yesterday. done with highschool, they're moving onto college. it feels like just yestday we were all in class together. life is speeding past. all the more reason to enjoy every minute of life experienced. sometimes i forget to slow down. sometimes i live each day like i'm promised tomorrow, when really, i'm not. soaking in the moments is something i'm trying to do more often.

well, i'm out of words to say, the summer sun is calling me to come outside. thank you again, carlotta for letting me be a part of this. wishing you all a lovely rest of the day.