how not to do a fashion shoot (an outfit post by hannah)

Seeing as how Carlotta has some of the cutest fashions and darling outfit posts (raise your hand if you agree -- mine's already waving in the air), I thought I'd share a few tips on some of the ways not to do a shoot of your outfits. I'm self-admittedly not a fashion-guru; I don't know the difference between a jacket and a blazer, and when it comes to what's in, I'm hopelessly lost. Still, I do enjoy putting a few pieces together to create a cute outfit. However, when it comes to modeling my "looks", it takes a bit to get a photo that I'm satisfied with. So here are my sure-fire tips to screw up a fashion shoot.

{step one}Underexpose your photo. This is to leave the people guessing about your outfit. If all they can see is a silhouette, then they can't critique your clothes. Is it black, blue, red, grey? A dress or pants and a shirt? And what on earth did you do with your hair?

{step two}Stand around looking bored. If you're not into the whole model look, you can easily fake it...and in turn, flop. Instructions: Assume a bored demeanor and open your mouth slightly. While turning away from the camera, raise your left arm and and put your right hand on your hip. It will won't fool them every time.

{step three}Be a dork. Oh, wait. That's just me. Moving on.

{step four}Make crazy facial expressions. If your expression is silly enough, people won't bother with your clothes. Instead they'll go, "I wonder where she got her nose job?" or "wow, what big teeth." disclaimer: I have never had a nose job. I just happen to think it's funny. Moving on.

{step five}Try to snag the sunglasses look. Sunglasses are everywhere come summertime. And if you really want your photoshoot to be a memorable one, make sure to include them in your wardrobe. Tips for wearing them: slide them down on your nose and go "huh?" After doing so, hold onto the edge of the glasses with your hand. It's a winner. (if you're trying to win The Dork of the Year Award...but that's beside the point)

{step six}Don't do anything with your hair. Forget about stylish updos -- just put it up! (and hope that it stays) If you really want your clothes to make an impact, don't worry about your hair. Instead, take it and twist it into a doughnut shaped bun at the top of your head, tucking the end of the "pony" into the faux bun. To create an intentional look to it, stick some sunglasses on the top of your head and you're ready to go! It's a crowd pleaser everytime.

and finally...

{step seven}Spin by a garbage bag. Want that wind-blown look? Make sure to take a moment and twirl in circles; this assures the crowd that you've got that model look complete with a breeze. For extra style points, stand next to a garbage bag full of dandelions and thatch. And girl, you've got this in the bag!

So remember...if you're looking for a quick fix to flunk a fashion photoshoot, then follow these steps and you'll have funny photos on your hands in no time! Be warned that these tips work differently from person to person. Keep that in mind when trying to impress the crowd with your fashion-not-how.


In all seriousness though, have a good time! And try not to be as dorky as me. But don't say I didn't have fun with the post + pictures. ;) Perhaps Carlotta will write a real post on how to style an outfit shoot. I can safely say that we'd all love her tips -- and that they'd be easily applicable in our own shoots! But for now, you'll have to be content with these goofy gimmicks. ;)

Thanks for reading my silly shoot styles -- and a big 'ol thank you to Carlotta for having me guest post. Loads of love to y'all!

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