this is life.

It's 6:54am and I'm tired. My laptop is balanced precariously on my legs -- I don't want to leave the warm, soft sanctuary that is my bed. The only thing that's keeping me up are the sounds of my computer keys clacking, the whir of my fan, and the birds chirping out my window.

It's 6:54am, and though I'm tired, I'm thinking about life. As I look around the room, at my suitcase that is so full it can't possibly hold another pair of socks, much less another dress, and at the clothes strewn around after a battle of What Gets Packed, I feel content.

Getting ready for a trip can be stressful. There are so many things to be accounted for, so many bags that need to be packed, so much planning to be done. Come to our house the night before we leave on vacation and you'll most definitely find us (or at least me) in a frenzy.

But it's these times, those wonderful, excited moments right before a trip, the "what do I wear because everything is packed" moments. These moments scream life.

Because my life is crazy. Stressful at times. Messy. Gritty.

this is life. [169/365]

It's dirty mirrors, unmade beds, permanently wearing dress up clothing (like my mother's red sari she got while in India). dancing to the radio, laughing and giggling. 

coffee beans [170/365]

It's the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans, courteousy of my brother and mother. Because, really, without coffee, where would we be in life?

new shoes

It's dancing around in my new shoes -- navy blue + wedges + bows...what's not to love? -- regardless that we're just at home and aren't going anywhere. Because, hey, life is short and if I have new wedges, why not wear them?

embrace the grain [165/365]

It's embracing the grain, being willing to overlook imperfections to see the beauty that lies past them.

i love life.

And then there are times when life is so amazing that you can't refrain from dancing and leaping in your swimsuit.

This is life. And it's beautiful.

Also, I'd love if you'd answer this question: describe your life in three words. My answer is crazy, messy, and beautiful.

Happy Monday, friends.