road tripping [part i]

I'm burrowed in a mountain of hotel pillows, relishing in having internet access for the first time in over two days. Not having something for awhile makes you realize how much you take it for granted.

sweet baby

For the past two days, we've been nestled in the rocky cliffs of northwest Oklahoma. Sharing a cabin with dear friends, it was perfection.


Within three hours of being there, we saw a tarantula crossing the road (talk about a freak out) and this giant.

a comparison it not huge?
We explored the trails cross-crossing through the woods and discovered a natural spring.

natural springs2

Looking at it for the first time, I gasped. Dragonflies, hundreds of them, flitting back and forth in the dappled sunlight. The soft babble of the brook paired with the chirp of birds made a song more beautiful that anything man made. It was gorgeous. Perfectly mystical, looking like it hadn't changed in two hundred years, it was straight out of a film. 

natural springs

The spring gushed piercingly cold, clear water, evoking involuntary wheezes as the frigid water came in contact with skin, shooting tingles throughout one's body.

at the springs
natural springs4

After frolicking in the springs, there's nothing better than ice cream from the general store. We ate it on their patio, decorated with strings of lights, bits of lace, and checkered tablecloths.

sparkly bokeh

I love road tripping.

Any guesses on what state our next stop is going to be?


PS I apologize if you're awaiting my reply to your email...I'll do my best, but it's rather difficult when internet access is sparse. I hope you understand!