summer favorites.

It's nearing a month since my return from New Mexico and I miss it. In hindsight, living out of a suitcase, bugs, and dirt all seem so minor compared to the greatness of our trip. I miss the wide, wide open spaces, the brilliant cerulean skies, the time away from electronics, the closeness we had as a family. My traveling for the summer has come to a close, and while I'm glad to have a period of rest, I'm already itching to get going again. Traveling is in my blood; I love experiencing new things, seeing different landscape, and photographing along the way.

But I'm now home for the rest of summer and it has its perks as well. There's no sense in wishing for what can't come back -- I'm trying to focus on my favorite things here instead. After all, only a month remains of this glorious season; I may as well take advantage of it.



Experiencing the glory of cool, gentle rain. Yes, its duration was short, but it succeeded in dropping the temperature below 100 degrees for the first time in nearly a month. As I stepped outside, that delicious earthy smell of water hitting the hot pavement wafted to my nose and droplets splattered on me as I rejoiced.

necklace: store unknown (from germany) / shirt: target / skirt: forever 21 / shoes: target
 All things nautical. This may not be anything new, but I've fallen even more deeply in love, if that's possible. I naturally gravitate toward stripes -- which probably explains why much of my wardrobe consists of the pattern. When I went for to Forever 21 for the first time a few weeks ago (how have I never been there before? I wanted everything.), my purchases were all nautical related. Nautical Anonymous, anyone?


Knitting. It may be sweltering outside, but it's never too early to start for fall and winter. Call me crazy, but I love it. I find the repetition soothing and it gives my hands something to do while watching movies. There's something so satisfying in wearing things you've made with your own hands -- and so I knit.

peach tart
peach tart
ice cream

Food photography. It's something that's not quite so easy to do while traveling. In the past few months, it's grown from simply a hobby to a passion. I'm not sure what it is, but there's nothing I love more that styling and photographing food.


Writing. And not just writing with pixels on a screen, but real writing, with a pencil and a notebook. In these past few years, I've noticed that it's become harder for me to form words physically instead of on a screen. I've begun writing blog posts on the lines of a spiral bound notebook and then transferred it onto the computer. Yes, it may be more work, but it's worth it in the end.

on a walk
Going on walks around the neighborhood in the evenings. I walked with MeMe last night; the air, slightly cooled, wasn't as oppressing as  earlier in the day and the steady rhythm of our feet on the pavement was comforting as we talked. We stopped to pet the cat that always runs to greet us -- aptly nicknamed "the friendly cat" for obvious reasons  -- and the cat's purrs mixed with the soft hum of the cicadas in the trees. Oh how I love summer evenings.


Doilies hung on the backdoor. I adore doilies -- they're so dainty and add a touch of pretty to otherwise ordinary spaces.

What are some favorites of yours at the moment?

Happy Monday!


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