back to the basics

Food fascinates me -- from fresh-from-the-garden vegetables to creamy raw milk, I'm a self proclaimed foodie. The making of what we eat has always interested me; I remember being seven and gazing up at a sign on how we get our milk in our local grocery store. But then there are other aspects of food -- like products that come from factories. Processed, altered, and injected until the list of ingredients no long resembles anything remotely edible, they still claim it's food. In actuality, it's just chemicals.

milk [227]

The food industry is rapidly declining -- it's changed more in the last fifty years than it has in the past ten thousand. Companies are willing to sacrifice quality and nutrition for quick and cheap. Animals are injected with hormones to quicken their growth and, in most cases, never see the light of day. They spend their life in their own waste, crammed together in pens, their only purpose in being alive to be slaughtered. Because of their diet and lack of exercise, the animals are weak and unhealthy. How the owners of these places can get past animal cruelty laws, I don't know, because this is downright inhumane. Corn is mass produced to sweeten just about everything through high fructose corn syrup, which is even worse for you than sugar. Vegetables are bland, colorless, and lacking nutrition. No wonder the cancer, obesity, and other the rate of other diet related health problems have soared.

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The owners of huge food corporations have managed to pass laws that make it illegal to take pictures of their production line -- they're scared that what's really going into what we eat will be found out. I love the documentary Food, Inc, which delves into what exactly these factory owners don't want us to know.

So why are we buying our food from huge supermarkets? Because it's faster. Easier. Cheaper. But don't you think it'd be nice to know personally the local farmers that sell you your food? To know exactly where your vegetables come from? That's (one of the reasons) why I love the farmer's market. Healthier, often cheaper, and you know where your food is from -- that sounds good to me.

potato soup

When we lived in St. Louis, my mother began researching and reinventing the way our family ate. We stopped buying ready made foods and went back to the basics. Butter -- lots of it -- was and is the key to all things good. (seriously, it's a superfood) We began drinking raw milk (we have the cutest little dairy that we go to; their milk and cheese are amazing) and were fortunate enough to have friends that sold us eggs from their chickens. My mother now grinds all her wheat for her bread, started a garden, and recently purchased half of an all natural, grass fed cow from a local farmer. The result? Healthier, more energized, more satisfied versions of ourselves. Yes, it may be more work in the beginning, but once a rhythm is established, it's easier and so worth it.

So say goodbye to processed, factory food and say hello to fresh, delicious, natural food -- because the journey to ending this forgery begins with us.

What are your thoughts on this matter? I'd so love to hear!