summer loving.

Patchwork quilt? Check. Shady maple tree? Check. Labrador running about? Check. Mumford & Sons? Check. Laptop, camera, and a cool breeze blowing? Check, check, and check.


Sometimes a change of environment is just what's needed to get the creativity flowing -- hence my current setup in the backyard. I'm lying on my back, computer balanced on my legs, and the reflection of my red and white striped shirt is casting a bit of a Where's Waldo effect on my screen. Above me, the leafy tree juts out against the azure sky, the combination of vivid green and blue more beautiful than anything man made. This is the kind of summer I love, simple, sweet moments I will remember when unfolding memories like a comforting blanket.


Fridays are my favorite day of the week. They're sort of like the horns that are blown when a king enters the building -- the excitement and relief and anticipation that all come with heralding in the weekend.
Thursday night was an outdoor concert (country music is my favorite and old couples dancing the two step makes me die from cuteness overload) and Friday morning was some early morning gardening.
Or more like, my mother gardened and I photographed. The garden, while rather overgrown and unruly (why is that weeds are the only thing that grow in heat?), has yielded herbs and salad for much of the summer. I must confess I'm not the most patient person and, while it sounds lovely in theory, tending to plants it's not exactly my area of expertise. Which is why I'm thankful for a mother that has patience where I lack it. Now that it's cooled down, my fingers are crossed for some ruby red tomatoes -- from plant to mouth in two seconds, there's nothing more delicious. But for now, I'll settle for leafy green basil and sage.

Friday (and part of today) in photos: 

toes and stripes
frozen bananas
the sky
sneak peek
a little sneak peek of a (very) exciting project I'm working on :)
the river

Golden light, picnicing, frozen bananas (a must try), stripes, laughter, working on a super exciting project (which I'll reveal in a few weeks -- any guesses in the meantime?), beautiful weather...sounds good to me. And this morning, I slipped out of the house at the early hour of seven am and went down to the river for a shoot with a super sweet couple. There was a soft breeze and gorgeous light and I was in heaven; and because I'm a sentimental sap, I had to draw a heart on the beach. I know.

Eat an extra piece of chocolate, do a little shopping, take some pictures, treat yourself. Because if life is short, why not take advantage of these precious days? Happy weekend, y'all. 


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