keep your head up.


My heart hurts for them. It hurts for the girls who, all around me, constantly lament how "fat" they are and eat nothing but salad, girls who pile on makeup starting at the age of nine, girls who are overcritical about their appearance. If beauty is defined as tall, slim, perfect hair and porcelain-smooth skin, it only drives girls into despair, lost in the throes of self-consciousness. The truth is, there is no definition of beauty. I've seen stunningly gorgeous women of every skin color, shape, and size. Why should a certain group of people behind the media dictate what beauty is? The models on the covers of magazines are digitally enhanced anyway, airbrushed and contorted until they're just pretty pieces of plastic.


I know it's hard. God knows I've struggled with feeling worthless and ugly many times. I've looked at my body and seen nothing but a shapeless form, I've seen myself in the mirror and been disgusted at the figure looking back at me. But I've come to be thankful that I have a body at all. And I've been learning and growing and discovered it's okay to be different from models. And yes, I know that "the only beauty that really matters is on the inside", but as women, we crave to feel beautiful on the outside too. So keep your head up, beautiful. Don't despair. God has made you fearfully and wonderful and you're beautiful just the way you are.

much love.