the present is the key to the past

Wednesday is library day. In the midst of a busy schedule, it's my favorite mid-week haunt. I like the feeling of being surrounded by books, breathing in their papery, dusty scent, and the quiet atmosphere. Each time I walk in a library, I pause a moment and scan the shelves, in awe of the stories and history and discoveries hidden in a code of dotted ink. It's good for people watching too -- one can tell so much about a person based on the book they're reading or the magazine they're flipping through.


It's November second, and I'm situated in an easy chair at this magical place, a place that's capable of transporting you to foreign countries and taking you through all sorts of adventures without even leaving your chair. The dark sky spilling droplets of water combined with the knowledge that these adventures and discoveries are only a finger's touch away makes me excited and leaves me thinking about history.


It's no secret that I'm enamored by the years gone by. When gazing at photographs of how my city looked sixty-five years ago, I can't help but pine for what is no more...what I wouldn't give to spend a day in the nineteen forties.
My family tree has roots stretched and twisted across Chile, Germany, Spain, America, and the tales of how we came to be are richly intertwined with life at that time. And last night I listened to story after story about my family seventy years ago, the spoken words spinning and weaving a vivid, deep tapestry. Being the history geek that I am, I find myself enraptured.


And I sat and listened last night, I realized that those people in the photographs, the ones that I'd dreamed about? They're still alive. They're just seventy years older. The elderly people now are the very same ones that lived in a time that I yearn to visit. I'm the first to admit that spending time with older folks isn't exactly my idea of fun. But when I actually sit down and talk with them, it's enthralling and the stories they have to tell are oh so wonderful.

So happy November. I'm vowing to spend my month in thankfulness and time spent discovering and listening to the tales of the older people. Because the present is the key to the past, no?


on a side note, I realize pomegranates really have nothing to do with this topic. but they're pretty and I like them and so pomegranates it is.


ps thoughts on the new design? it's different, yes, but it was a change i was ready for. ;)