refining and identifying.

Late the other night, I sat in my bed and wrote. Nighttime does that to me -- it makes everything clearer and more straight forward, and it's one of my favorite times to fill pages with words. On this particular night, the time had come to narrow down and find what exactly I want this space to be, as well as how I want to be defined as an artist. It was an accumulation of weeks of branding, from design to aesthetic to posts and everything in between. It's not that I'm unhappy with the blog -- on the contrary, I've reached a place where blogging comes easily and freely; it's my unwinding time, honestly.

But, having said that, I think at some time in every artist's life -- whether it be photographer or designer or painter -- there comes a craving to be a little more different, a little more you than everyone else. I suppose branding can also be defined as refining and identifying one's personal style. It's rather hard to stand out as an individual when one is trying to be like someone else and comparing their work to others', don't you think?

One of the main things I'm focusing on, besides aesthetic, is interacting with my readers more -- that is, all you lovely people. Blogger has recently implemented the threaded comment system and I'm going to try my hardest to be more active in the comment section of posts. And as for the posts themselves, they won't change too much for you, but they'll be more streamlined and focusing on a few select topics.

So, I've redefined and dug deeper into my personal style with a blog redesign and further branding both as a blogger and for this space, and I'm excited, loves.


much love.

ps guest posting about oklahoma over on kristen's blog -- come say hi!