this dream.

photos taken in new mexico, summer of 2011
Spring break has faded into oblivion and summer seems tantalizingly close yet impossibly far at the same time. And in this in-between time, I have this notion. It's one that's been buried deep in my heart--one that sounds terribly appealing, no matter how silly or romantic, far-fetched or unrealistic it may be.
I'd like to go on a roadtrip through North America, over the course of a few weeks, with no set plans or directions. No internet, save for the occasion email checking and photo posting--I need to get away from the constant bombarding of information and focus on what's in front of me. I'd like to drive and drive and drive, stopping to climb the dusty crimson mesas of the southwest, splash in the salty blue green beaches of California, and explore the secluded islands and coves of Oregon. I'd like to find the perfect orange grove and glide under a velvety night sky in the middle of nowhere, stars scattered about like the most precious of jewels. I'd like to make new friends, take changes, and be spontaneous.
I am a dreamer. I am one of those people that comes up with idea after idea, but leave them in the dusty corners of my mind, never brought to fruition. But this dream? This dream I can see so clearly and wonderfully? This is one I'd like to make a reality.

roadtripping by carlottacisternas on Grooveshark

(the perfect roadtrip playlist)

What's a dream trip you'd like to take?