the pursuit

I get discouraged so frequently it's practically part of my daily routine. There are times where I feel so stuck and unable to accomplish anything and instead of trying to fix the problem, I make it worse by studying someone else's star-studded film reel, polished and perfected and pieced together with wild opportunity after wild opportunity. My quiet list of achievements seems like the bloopers in comparison.

The other night, I had a long chat with my mom about these frustrations. I told her how I want to live a life that's more than just average, but being scared that I wouldn't end up on the right path that would lead me there. She mentioned something that has resonated with me ever since: there's something called the pursuit of happiness. Feeling happy and content aren't things that are just going to drop into your lap with little to no effort. The people that are truly fulfilled are the ones that identify their passions and pursue them relentlessly. Feeling discouraged is just a step of making your dream come true--it can't always be a star-studded film reel. No one ever said it was going to be easy. On the contrary, pursuing something is fraught with difficulty, hardships, and anxiety at every turn. The most important part is not giving up, no matter how discouraged or scared you might get. Sometimes things have to get messier before they can get better.

That conversation put everything back into focus for me. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't still get frustrated or discouraged or want to give up, but I know what my goal is--I just need to concentrate and keep on working. The negative feelings are only part of the pursuit and they will fade in time...and the most comforting thought of all is that there's a plan designed specifically for me by someone far greater and wiser than I.

Please don't ever, ever give up, y'all. Your dreams are so worth pursuing.

much love.