things to be happy about, v.8

I don't have many words today. The days have been full and seem to be ending quicker than I can fully grasp them (hello, tomorrow is August...when did that happen?!), but I'm thankful anyway. I'm trying to turn off my brain, stop over-thinking everything (a near impossible feat), and live in present--sometimes I try to capture the moment too, but more and more, accurately preserving all it seems too overwhelming a task. I've turned to writing in my journal more these days, trying to capture the feelings properly. It will be good to have when I'm back at home and today has again turned into yesterday.

A few photos and some more things to be happy about:

top: thrifted || shorts: american eagle || shoes: thrifted || necklace: c/o the poppy chain || belt: thrifted || bracelets: assorted
the milky clouds of cream in tea not quite mixed || slate skies and dark green ivy || the smell of a tomato plant || the sound of splashing water || sunlight on white walls and wooden floors || people watching in a crowded city || coral shorts || sitting on the balcony and watching a storm roll in || lazy sunday afternoons || the foam that clings to your upper lip from the first sip of cappuccino || a life that sizzles and pops

Happy Tuesday!