here, we bicycle

Here, we bicycle--to the store, to town, to church, to the dairy, to visit family, here, there, and everywhere. And sometimes we bicycle just for the fun of it. Lately, the weather has been forgiving and gentle and we've taken the bikes out for a spin through the countryside most every day. My oma and opa have lived in this area their whole life and know every little back road, barely worn trail, and densely wooded forest, and we stop regularly to buy strawberries, or to swing on a swing set, or to explore an old mill, or look at whatever else strikes our fancy. I like viewing everything at a pace slower than from a car, content to relax and leave the navigation up to them. The other day, Opa stopped at a little picnic bench and we sat in quiet for exactly two minutes (J timed it), listening to the stillness. Then we explored corn fields until rain drops started to fall and the sky rumbled thick with thunder.
And sometimes, when I'm lagging to the back of our little group, I jump off my bicycle to try to capture the way the sun glistens on a field or a horse nipping at grass near the fence (I have also become quite experienced at taking photographs while moving).

Here, we bicycle. It's a favorite part of life.