ranch life

I think one of my favorite things about vacation is that whatever I happen to be doing at the moment is exactly what I should be doing. On vacation, even eating chocolate can be considered productive. (!!!) But my favorite way of being productive by doing nothing is spending time at my aunt's ranch. Usually I sleep or talk or eat or chase chickens around with my camera or dip my toes in the pool and I always come away so relaxed. There's something to be said about stepping away from the temptation all that dang social media and those few photos that need to be edited and that email that needs to be responded to. I'll take chasing chickens over facebook any day.

My aunt has two baby goats at the ranch now, with at least one more on the way, and they're pretty much the cutest things ever. (baby animals are my favorite kind of animal, for the record) And then there's the hissing goose (who's actually really comical in his own way) and chickens and the other goats and horses and sheep and pigs and cats and's always an adventure. I wouldn't have it any other way, though. The ranch will always be the ranch and it's a little slice of continuity in an ever changing life.