remember when

Remember when we hiked the half mile to the river in the rain and our colorful umbrellas cast candy-colored hues on our faces? Remember when we tried not to get muddy but failed miserably? Remember when I waded through dripping wet, waist-high grass and the tiny black seeds stuck stubbornly to my legs and I had to stoop to wash them them off with river water? Remember when Caleb drank one and a quarter liters of Dr. Pepper in an hour and was cracking us up with his sugar-high-induced chatter? Remember we walked across the river but the water was deeper than we thought and I was afraid of water moccasins that might be hiding in the murky depths? Remember when when darkness started to fall and the riverbank shifted from diffused, cloudy light to misty blue and I couldn't stop talking about how beautiful it was? Remember when we sat at the computer together and looked at pictures and laughed over my awkward expressions? Remember when we made lemon bars and experimented with making meringue just because? Remember when it was the last Saturday night in September and we couldn't think of a better way to spend it than with each other?

I remember. That was a good day.
photo of me by Louis