it was friday so we visited the pumpkin patch

For years I've been fantasizing about visiting a pumpkin patch on a cloudy day, one with gourds and squash and pumpkins of all kinds growing on dark green vines spread thickly in all directions. They weren't on the vine, but nevertheless, yesterday's cloudy pumpkin patch visit satiated my craving, at least for now. The sweetest dogs trotted through the corn fields and walked along side us--Lilly was ready to bring one in particular home with her. And in addition to the standard orange ones, there were heirloom pumpkins ringed with the most delicate of colors and gourds striped green, yellow, and red; we ate one for dinner last night with tomato sauce, mushrooms, and bacon (it was delicious, in case you were wondering). It has been a strange fall thus far in many different ways, but a visit to the pumpkin patch can cure all sorts of autumnal blues.

Edit: Just a clarification--yes, I've definitely been to a pumpkin patch before, just not the exact one I've been dreaming about. :)