water as thick as blood

2:34 am and crawling into bed has never felt so good. They say that everything must come to an end, that every chapter of every book must be closed at one time or another, but I will not let this door slam shut; I will fight with everything in me to keep it open.

Did you know that dancing the twist is a hundred times more fun when done on bed-sheet-covered wood floors? I know because I've tried it and have the embarrassingly sore muscles to prove it. I also recommend making spontaneous trips to Walmart to buy junk food and squealing while running through a rainy parking lot (oh wait, maybe that was just me doing the squealing...).

And then when it's all over and I've laughed all I possibly can laugh, there is reflection. Do you know how special it is to find friends that are more like family? Around which you can act like a total idiot and they still somehow manage to want to see you again? Sometimes water can be just as thick as blood.

It's hard to stay emotionally stable when your best friends prepare to move away. It sucks, it really does. But this dear dear family that I love so very much is going to have such an amazing adventure, I know it. I will miss them and jump at every future opportunity to go to Chicago, but I'm trying to swallow my selfishness no matter how bitter it may taste.

Sympathy is not my aim because I know this situation has happened a hundred and one times before. Sometimes I feel that I hold onto things too tightly but I don't care. I believe in good strong friendships with roots as thick as trees, the kind that are as comfortable as crawling into bed a few hours past your bedtime.

I love you, Hintz family. Thank you for everything. ♥
  always in charge of the food, of course ;)