I've been out of town this past week for a youth conference. Here are a few lists.

things I've learned

simple truths that resonate now like never before
indiana summers are green and beautiful
i automatically respond to the name "taylor" now (oops)
longs talks with old friends while walking around campus are good for the soul
everything sounds better when the voices of 1,400 people join together
ain't no showers as good as home's showers
throwing all thoughts of self conciousness to the wind & belting out my favorites songs is very freeing
packing four books for a week cannot be justified no matter what i tell myself
my love for anti joke apple has been rekindled
perhaps i'm more of an extrovert than i thought

things i've lost

1 hairbrush
a couple bobby pins (what else is new?)
1 tube of chapstick
1 pair of sandals (turns out it was a false alarm & i forgot them at home, oops)
all my willpower when it comes to chocolate chip cookies & pasta

things i miss

being on the road
living in st. louis
evening prayer every night (only the most gorgeous of services)
being with my second family 24/7

things i love

being back home with my family
not having to wait in line for the shower
my own bed