How wonderful it is to lie in a warm bed in the cool of the early morning, to let the pallid light seep in and gently wake you up bit by bit. You open your eyes and goosebumps dot your skin and you think, "Oh. Fall has arrived."

(...well, my exact words that morning may have been more like "it's so dang cold up here, why is the heat not on, WHERE'S MY SWEATER." but the other version sounds more ladylike, so we'll go with that)

Now begins the time of outdoor living--not the kind where you can walk outside first thing in the morning and be wrapped in warm air, but the marvelous refreshing kind that requires a few more layers. I bought a new jacket the other day and on Sunday afternoon, wrapped in a quilt, I fell asleep in the hammock. Do you know how nice that is? To fall asleep in a hammock swaying in the brisk air while you're swathed in patchwork?

In a few weeks I'll probably be complaining again, but right now I'm having a most wonderful time reacquainting myself with farmer's markets on rainy Saturday mornings; with hot coffee instead of iced; with my sweaters and boots and scarves and woolen socks (they smell like cold).

Happy October to youuuu!