pickin' berries

My brother told me that I make everything look better it really is, but I believe anything can be an adventure if you make it one. We went berry picking today, out in the fields before the sun grew too hot. Now there will be blackberries and blueberries to make jam with and sprinkle on top of warm, syrupy waffles and eat like candy.

Oh, and I got out my burry pickin' duds too, gosh darn it. Bringin' back 1994 and representin' Oklahoma. (thumbs up for my okie accent? ;) I swear the longer I live here the thicker it gets....)

memorial day

part i: flowers, sunshine, and tennis

part ii: gettin' dressed

(forever 21 top / thrifted sandals, belt, & skirt / old navy sunglasses / anthropologie headband)

part iii: pool

part iv: honoring the fallen

Simple and sweet despite the busy.

And traditions--traditions everywhere. They make me happy.

I am thankful to call myself a citizen of this great nation. Memorial Day might just be my favorite day of the whole entire year.

Any Memorial Day traditions you have? I'm very fascinated by that kind of thing; I would love to hear.

we sleep until the sun goes down

tshirt: vintage // cardigan: target // skirt: american eagle // oxford: target // necklace: gift // belt: forever 21

Well hello there, Tuesday. It's raining and cold today and I am reliving Sunday afternoon; wind, froyo, and exploring this magical city of mine go hand in hand. Also, that skirt up there? Probably my favorite piece of clothing ever. It's comfy and pretty, so it's basically a win/win. And yes, I'm easily excited. Hope your day has treated you well! ♥
post title lyrics: mountain sound by of monsters and men, or, the soundtrack to my february