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Time For Tea {a guest post by Libby}
Hello there, I'm Libby, and I can't quite believe I'm blogging here. I'm so excited! Also, I like tea. It's a strange story--I drank coffee first, because it made me feel classy and sophisticated, exactly what I wanted living in this small village. But a few months later, I discovered the joys of a good old breakfast tea, and to me tea is part of my history. My dad's side of the family used to be involved in the tea trade, and my dad spent his childhood in Sri Lanka and Malawi whilst his father traded. With genealogy like that, I can't really escape the tea bags.

And to make time for tea, in a life that can so quickly becoming overwhelming? That is special. The ceremony to making a cup of tea is not complex, but I like to just take time to boil the kettle, stew the tea, stir the milk. And then, when I get to the drinking of the tea? When it's just me, my mind wanders. I sit at the kitchen table and write or doodle. If I'm drinking with my mum--the only other tea drinker here--we will chat about "shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings"... Everything under the sun.

So much can happen over a cup of tea, and it's all pretty easy on the eyes too. Most of my blog posts, in fact, are composed with a cup of tea or coffee in hand too, and I try and apply the whimsical and cheerful ideal of afternoon tea to all aspects of my life. Let's make time for tea every day!

Above, just a snapshot of the tea photos I've shared at my blog. I think we can safely say I'm smitten.
Thanks for reading. Do you drink tea? Thanks, Carlotta, for letting me talk about tea.


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