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I mentioned on embrace that we were expecting a snow storm...but I really didn't think what the weathermen were predicting would come true.
After sleeting a good portion of Monday night and early Tuesday morning, the precipitation eventually changed into snow. I woke up yesterday morning to a blizzard. I'm serious - I could barely see past the backyard.
By the time the snow slowed down, we had well over fourteen inches (a record) with drifts up to three feet tall (Correction: I've just been informed that drifts got up to six feet). Now this may not sound like much to those of y'all who live in frigid places like Minnesota, but to us southern folks it's no small amount.
Being Oklahomans, we really don't know how to handle snow, and everything is closed until at least tomorrow, if not until Saturday. And the state is under an emergency. Only in Oklahoma does it shift seventy seven degrees to blizzard conditions (getting all the way down to wind chills of seven below) in a matter of forty eight hours.

Did you get any snow?

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