happiness is...

Can you believe it's already Wednesday again? And time for Happiness Is again? And that February is almost over? And the school year is almost 3/4 of the way over? And that even though it's 26 outside it feels like 45? And how crazy I'm going with the questions?

I'll stop now. 

Happiness is...

...having crazy siblings to keep you entertained. :)

...the awesome crystal (I think) doorknobs in our house...they're original from 1934. And they're in almost every room - they give the whole space that little extra sparkle. And when the sunlight catches them? Sigh. 

(I know I'm going a little crazy with talking about and posting pictures of doorknobs. I'll stop now. I think. Can someone please check to see if I'm sane?)

What are two things that make you happy this week?


PS I'm considering turning Happiness Is into a blog hop - you would just link up your post...would any of you be interested?